Thijs Bekke, 36

Rijssen, The Netherlands
Loves tech

My name is Thijs Bekke and I am36 years old. I live in Rijssen. Fond of challenges, and eager to learn new technology. Believe that web development is the future and soon everything will be connected to the Internet.

I have always found technology inspiring, since I was little I have been busy creating this world enrich. I am an experienced software engineer I created my first “website” in 2000, back looking hereafter that was of course nothing, but here my love started. Since that website time I have been programming (I still remember the .php4 extension). I made this profile website because I like to create it and make myself known to do on the Internet.

I like having hobbies. I like to swim, travel in Scandinavia, fly with mine drone, baking pizza, barbecuing (the slow cooking variant), taking photos with my 360 camera, woodworking, microcontrollers (IOT), 3d printers, gaming with friends and sometimes a game of airsoft with friends.

Het is niet dat mijn website ( website dagelijks door honderden wordt bezocht. Deze website beschrijft wel wie ik ben en wat ik leuk vind. Het domein heb ik ook al weer een tijdje en de website die er stond ging ook al weer een tijdje mee. Ik wou graag een nieuwe layout om meer aandacht te geven voor wat ik leuk vind.

Ik laad automatisch de laatste blog van mijn WordPress installatie, alle github projecten en kan in een slider YouTube video’s of bepaalde sites uitlichten. Een mooie basis om verder mee te gaan.

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A Pushover plugin for OctoPrint

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Display progress of your Octoprint instance on your LaMetric

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Get motivated too do your tasks,

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Switch your lights off when you shutdown your computer


Professional Scrum Product Owner™ II (PSPO II)

Professional Scrum Product Owner™ II (PSPO II) View at Credly

February 2023


Begonnen als product owner bij CCV

July 2022

Pizza baker

Knowing how to make perfect pizzas like a real Italian pizzaiolo, by knowing how to make pizza dough and which topping to use.

March 2021

Drone operator

Being able and allowed to control a Drone in class A1 and A3

January 2021

Information Security Officer

Taking on the role of ISO

  • Security
May 2019

Senior software engineer

Started in the role of senior software engineer, designing, building, testing and monitoring the web application.

  • Team lead
  • Coaching
June 2016

Octoprint plugin

First commit to my first and most successful GitHub project

  • Python
April 2016

CCV Shop

Started as a software engineer at CCV Shop

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JS
  • GIT
May 2015


Full stack developer at Trajectplanner.

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JS
  • HTML
  • GIT
January 2011


System administrator

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Networking
June 2007

HBO, Informatica - web technologies

September 2006

MBO, System administrator level 4

September 2003


  • Life
September 1987